Sample tracking service:

When we have new customer ask for sample, we will make extra one and keep it as records, so after the customer get the sample and inquiry some question or have any doulbt about the sample, it is easy for us to know what is the problem. 


And for the first order , we will also keep one extra products of every model same with shipment quality, because very often the sales and productiion line people moving quite often, then by next time of customer's repeat order, we will follow up it to avoid any mistake. 


Order follower service:

We will keep posted the customerj's order status everyweek intime and inform customer to prepare for loading, and after shipment also we will inform the customer the status of container for customer to prepare the customer declare and presales work.

Before the mass production, we will make sample for customer to check and confirm and before shipment, also we will take the photo of real finished product to show customer.