By the use of up-to-date professional 3D engineering software , such as Pro-E and SolidWorks , our expert award-winning mechanical R & D team focus on giving you input devices incorporating of the best ergonomic shape , and design . Our goal is to give our customers an exciting computer experience and thus enjoy the benefits of the latest technology .
We have over 15 years of high technology experienced engineers . From Chipset design to the latest Radio Frequency research-our engineers prove that there is nothing simpler in mouse design .  Our smooth and functional product , advanced design and daily research efforts have made Newmen Tech a fastest growing company in the industry . With high-level R & D and customer-focused products you can count on Alion Tech as your partner in such competitive IT industry .
Our software drivers are approved by Microsoft WHQL digital signature and compatible with the latest developments in Operating Systems . Our software team has more than 8 years of experience and will continue working hard to develop more software for our fellow customers .
To provide and develop award-winning product , We have continuous investment for better R & D equipments . We have equipments such as 2.51 Ghz Signal Generator , Spectrum Analyzer , LCR Electric Bridge , and Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer with well experienced Research and developed engineering core teams. It assures Newmen Tech's full capability to pursue the latest and the most advanced innovative products . It also guarantees Alion Tech's new products will always take the leading edge in the market .